One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle is what you put in your body. Make sure no matter your diet you are paying attention to what you eat. We here at Hard Hat Fit help you to understand the importance of healthy eating and create the better eating habits for you guide you throuth the process. 
Here are our meal services 
Meal plans $125/mo or $175 one time 
Meal Prepping (we buy food ) $140 a week 
( up to 12 meals a week)
Meal Prepping (you buy food ) $70 a week 

No matter your diet we can tailor your plan to meet your needs 
Here are our Assistant services 
Shopping list $50
Personal shopper $70

Let us do the shopping for you we are here to make it easy for you.
We also offer all the services for up to 75 miles out
We offer all services (with the exception of meal prepping) for online clientele as well!
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